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The BEST Opportunity in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

Everything you need to succeed is at Exit Ryan Scott Realty! The saying goes: to succeed you need to "think outside of the box" but what if we just did away with the box all together? Exit Ryan Scott Realty was born with the concept of new ideas, sharing wisdom, supporting each and an environment of teamwork, all wrapped in a boutique atmosphere that's large enough to put every resource you could want at your disposal.

Exit Ryan Scott Realty offers you an agent-centric environment with a supportive non-competing broker, knowledgeable office staff, transaction coordinators and advanced technologies. You will always find a team atmosphere and smiling faces ready to help you grow your business.

We understand each and every agent is individual, with his or her own personal and professional goals and dreams. That's why we view our role as supporting your business.

Great Training - Good agents are born... Great agents are trained!
Full access to North America's most powerful real estate training system, exclusive to EXIT Realty. When you’re part of EXIT RSR you have our on-going commitment to create the most highly trained and skilled professionals in real estate. Our sales training is taught by some of the industry's leading top producers, and is among some of the most comprehensive coaching you'll ever receive. Designed to remove and eliminate the inhibitions and anxieties that have rendered so many salespeople average, EXITS’ training programs range from topics such as initiation, finalization, negotiation, personality profiles and strategic planning. No matter what your real estate career level, there's a training perfectly suited to your needs. When you join EXIT Ryan Scott Realty, you're making it your business to get the finest and best return on your invested time.

Technical Savvy
EXIT RSR agents have the technical savvy to avoid the pitfalls that waste time. Using cutting-edge technology exclusive to EXIT, our agent can quickly implement an online marketing strategy gives you narrated tours, listing websites, call captures leads, multi-media videos and much more! Showcasing these exclusive technologies often tip the scale in important decisions people make and help you win more business!


Retirement Benefits
You will find the industry's first and only retirement benefit program! Since 1996, EXIT Realty has offered agents the opportunity to continue to earn money, even after they have let their real estate licenses expire. There is a path to retirement! And that is what you can finally find with EXIT Ryan Scott Realty.

Smaller Brokerage Imprint on Deal Commissions
You get to keep more of what you make with our progressive commissions model, and it’s accomplished with NO DESK FEES and NO MONTHLY DUES and commissions as high as 90%.

Let the EXIT formula work for you! Call 954.630.3434


EXIT Ryan Scott Realty successfully aligns itself with a business formula that has places for an elite real estate professional like yourself. If you care about your practice and want to see multi-dimensional growth that leads to bigger bottom lines, you should consider what we have to offer.

EXIT Ryan Scott Realty seeks individuals and teams who are fully committed to navigating the business of real estate. Business potential, especially in our local market, is a vast expanse with generous potential. There may be a place for everyone, but we are highly selective about who we choose to work with. Those who exhibit a commitment to the practice of real estate are the core of our business.

As an agent with EXIT Ryan Scott Realty, you’re entitled to participate in creating a business with multiple income streams. The diversity of real estate services you may perform as an Exit agent is more expansive, and more rewarding than at others. Other brokerages are using old models to keep their business alive, and many are failing because of it! EXIT RSR agents continue to thrive as a team because they are able to engage in activities that supplement the traditional services at which they have become so great. These activities can produce residuals that continue to reward you regardless of the pace of your individual practice.

What is a Residual?
A residual occurs when you do the work once and you get paid over and over again for that work done.

Consider This
After a record is cut in the studio, the songwriter receives a financial payment every time the music is played by a radio station.

Piece of the Action
Wouldn't you rather have a piece of the action when your agency's business is booming? EXIT Ryan Scott Realty gives real estate agents the chance to get in on action that's happening in other parts of the agency simply by using the Exit Formula.

Opportunity for YOU
With Residuals, EXIT provides the same opportunity Sam Walton did when he opened up a share structure at Wal-Mart. Everyone in the Corporation can receive a "Piece of the Action" for helping to build EXIT through sponsoring.

10% Sponsoring Residuals
When an agent is introduced to management and recruited into EXIT, each transaction they close generates a bonus that is equivalent to 10% of the gross commissions earned by the recruit, payable to the individual who sponsored them into the company. The bonus is paid via EXIT's head office, and not subtracted from the new recruit's commissions. This bonus continues perpetually for as long as the new recruit stays with EXIT and generates sales.

7% Retirement Residuals
Should an EXIT salesperson decide to retire from selling real estate, a "pension plan" is created from the sponsoring bonuses that he or she has established. Also, the retiring salesperson retains the privilege of enhancing this pension plan while in retirement by continuing to sponsor salespeople into the company.

5% Beneficiary Residuals
The sponsoring bonuses you have created turn into a beneficiary residual providing added security for your family.
With EXIT Residuals, you can potentially earn much more than 100%! The more people you sponsor into EXIT, the more you increase your residual income. EXIT Realty annually pays out many millions of dollars in residual bonus checks as a perpetual "thank you" for helping to build the company. And all this, with NO DESK FEES!

Isn't it time you considered making the final business decision of your real estate career? Contact us today for detailed information on franchise and career opportunities with EXIT Realty.

The following is a sampling of what we offer our agents to facilitate your success:

A high-energy, highly professional, contemporary office environment
An independent company with hands-on ownership and management
A business model that fosters and supports agents at all levels
Contemporary-branded marketing; including print, Internet, direct mail, signage and some of the best collateral in the industry
Coaching to agents of every experience level
Business planning assistance
Ultra-Luxurious ultra-contemporary designed office featuring the latest technology, high-tech conference rooms and sample desk space and much more
On going events and parties for your clients, prospective clients, family and friends-all to grow your business
Annual awards program
Aggressive commission schedules

Contact today at 954.630.3434 to learn more and schedule a confidential conversation.