Why use EXIT Ryan Scott Realty

We are as individual as you! This is the Exit Ryan Scott Realty guiding philosophy. It not only aids in how we interact with our clients but it also drives how the company interacts with our employees and agents.

Our goal is to make the real estate process smooth, stress free, and as personalized as possible whether you are buying, selling, renting, or relocating. In today's market you want to access a team of passionate professionals with firm, real-world relationships and the best marketing technology in the business.

Our boutique atmosphere breeds innovation and teamwork that is supported by a powerful company dedicated to service, technology, and training. We know each person has his or her own goals and objectives and each person requires an individual approach. That is why our service is tailored to be as individual as youTM.

More Reasons To Use EXIT Ryan Scott Realty

Superior Web Technology & Information

We persistently pursue innovation and refuse the limitation of existing business models. That's one reason we created one of the most unique and powerful website - a truly comprehensive and interactive web experience that fundamentally changes the way you search for a home!

The days of bouncing between different websites to get the information you want and need are gone. ExitRSR.com provides an interactive map-based property search that weaves comprehensive local information into your results, all the way down to street level. You'll find live feed of information on active, pending, and sold properties, home valuation and equity calculators, even unlimited access to local information on schools, shopping, restaurants, cafes, hospitals and ever gas stations, day care and Yelp! Reviews. And we provide all this for free!

When You're "On The Go" - EXIT RSR iPhone App is there!

For those constantly "on the go" exitrsr.com may become your favorite search tool. Exitrsr.com allows you to search from anywhere using our mobile search application; just click the iPhone image below to download from iTunes App Store or type www.ryanscottrealty.com/iphoneinto your iPhone browser and you're ready to search. You're one tap away from limitless information.

Free Market Intelligence & Trends Reports

You need to know what the market is doing in your area based on real-time data. We believe that an educated client makes better, more informed decisions more confidently. Exit Ryan Scott Realty's RSR Market Intelligence & Trends research gives you real-time data. This helps you learn about the market right down to the zip so you can stay on top of the day-to-day changes that varies from city-to-city, and neighborhood-to-neighborhood so you make the most informed decisions.

We publish Free Real Estate Market Reports for both Broward County cities and Miami-Dade County cities and zip codes. It's FREE to sign up and learn not only pricing and market numbers, but also the trends of those numbers and see where the prices are heading; Sign Up Today.